We are the waterford wolves

The Waterford Wolves are Waterford’s American football team. In 2005 a flag football team called the South East Strongbows was formed and it was from that team that the idea for a fully kitted American football team began. Players’ love of the sport, along with their enthusiasm grew and over time they wanted to find a way to increase the sport’s popularity in the South East. In 2011 the move was made towards playing full contact American Football in Waterford and thus the Waterford Wolves were born.


From humble beginnings the wolves won promotion to the Shamrock Bowl Conference in their first season of fully kitted football.

After a minor setback in 2014 the wolves fought their way to the IAFL final defeating the highly favored Cork Admirals in a thrilling 14-13 battle.

With the start of 2017 the Wolves are taking a year out of competitive football to concentrate on Recruiting and Re-building another championship team.

The Wolves currently train at 12pm Sundays in the peoples park, all are welcome to come along.

The Wolves are expanding every day with many ideas in the pipeline. We are pleased to say our fanbase is rapidly growing and we are very grateful for our supporters. We are hoping to form a youths team and a flag team over the next couple years and will be working hard towards getting back to our winning best . For all upcoming news and events check this site or follow us on facebook or twitter.

The Wolves would also like to take this opportunity to remember our late coach Dave Collins, who began his journey with us as a flag team in 2005. He was there with us to lay the foundations for the successful club we are to date and is sadly missed by all.